• How to check the USB/Fiber connection

      When the USB/Fiber connection fails, the NeXus-32 automatically tries to connect via Bluetooth. If that does not work, an error message will appear in BioTrace+. But because the FUSBI and Fiber cable are still connected, you might think you are recording via USB/Fiber.

      Please check if the FUSBI is recognized correctly by the computer:


      • the FUSBI must appear in the Device Manager when it is connected to the computer via USB;
        the green light on the FUSBI turns on;
      • one of the 'pins' inside the FUSBI shows a red LED light.
        When the Fiber cable is connected, also one of the pins on the other end of the cable must show a red LED light.
      • When the the Fiber cable is plugged in the NeXus-32 and a recording is started, the word 'Fiber' appears on the NeXus-32 display.
      • When the Bluetooth connection is used to record, the word 'Serial' appears on the display.
    • How can I connect the NeXus with Bluetooth correctly?

      Take these steps to pair the NeXus with the computer:

      1. Switch on the NeXus;
      2. Open the Bluetooth settings on the computer* and search for new Bluetooth devices;
        *If there is no Bluetooth icon in the Windows system tray, most likely the computer does not have built-in (internal) Bluetooth.
        2.1 In that case, plug the USB Bluetooth dongle into one of the USB ports of the computer.

        Note: to use the USB Bluetooth dongle when the computer does have internal Bluetooth, deactivate the internal Bluetooth (in the Device Manager) before plugging in the dongle.
      3. Select the NeXus and enter the passcode.

        The passcode for the device are the last 4 digits of the serial number (SN) which is displayed on the ‘Enter the passcode for your device’ screen. The serial number can also be found on the product label on the NeXus.
      4. Wait for the NeXus to be paired (Windows will search for the drivers and will assign two COM ports).

      More detailed instructions can be found in the BioTrace+ User Manual.

    • What to do when having problems with the Bluetooth connection?
      1. Remove metal objects or reduce the amount of metal to a minimum near the Bluetooth device and the NeXus as much as possible. The Bluetooth signal gets reduced by metal. We not recommend to use laptops with metal housing when using the internal Bluetooth;
      2. As stated at no. 1: remove (metal) obstructions that may block the path of the Bluetooth device's signal;
      3. Create a free line of sight between the NeXus and the computer;
      4. The maximum distance between the NeXus and the computer is 10 meters;
      5. No other Bluetooth devices near the equipment;
      6. No other wireless devices near the equipment (transmitting signals such as Bluetooth, wifi, FM, etc.) or placed as far away as possible from the equipment;
      7. When using a laptop, use it with the battery (disconnect the charger/power supply from the laptop as well as from the wall outlet).
    • How can I activate the BioTrace+ Software?

      BioTrace+ comes with a 30 day free trial period. Within these 30 days the software needs to be activated in order to keep using it. Activation of BioTrace+ is free.

      Take the following steps to activate BioTrace+:



      1. Install BioTrace+;
      2. Connect the NeXus to the computer by Bluetooth or USB;
      3. Open BioTrace+ and click 'Continue' to go to the Sign In screen;
      4. Click Sign Up or visit to create a new Mind Media account;
      5. Confirm your e-mail address by clicking the link in the confirmation e-mail;
      6. Enter the e-mail address and password of your Mind Media account in the BioTrace+ Sign In screen;
      7. Click the button 'Activate'. A message will appear to confirm you have activated BioTrace+ successfully.


      Click here for more information

    • What happens when I update the software?

      When updating the current BioTrace+ version to e.g. V2017, all current contents like recorded sessions, screens and channel sets will remain available. The standard BioTrace+ contents as well as custom contents. The BioTrace+ screens can still be accessed via the Screen Browser.

      Please review BioTrace+ system requirements and the BioTrace+ V2017 User Manual before installing updates, to be sure BioTrace+ V2017 will run properly on your computer.

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