Physiological data acquisition

Mind Media provides integrated and easy to use solutions to advance life science research. Our powerful research tools can measure a wide range of physiological signals as a response to certain events, emotions and stimuli. Hundreds of universities, hospitals, and research centers are using our wireless physiological data acquisition systems.

Powerful research tools

  • Multimodal and integrated data acquisition from 4 to 32 channels
  • Sample rates up to 2.048 Hz in 24 bit resolution
  • Wireless Bluetooth for freedom in movement
  • USB for maximum sample rates and data quality
  • Active shielding for minimal noise and movement artifacts
  • Event trigger interface for synchronization
  • Card memory for ambulant recordings
  • Medical CE certified (IIa), FDA registered (II)
  • Export and import of several data formats like ASCII, EDF(+) or other formats
  • Flexible software for building own research designs or protocols

Interface for synchronization

In order to accurately synchronize events, triggers can be sent through the NeXus Trigger Interface (NTI). The NTI monitors stimuli/events and synchronizes these with the physiological signals. Different types of events can be monitored simultaneously. The NTI measures all of its inputs with 2048 samples/second. By use of RS232, the NeXus systems can also acquire events sent by E-prime and Presentation.

Event triggering

Developer Tools & SDK

Flexible software for building own research designs or protocols. BioTrace+ has highly configurable screens and a script editor. In the screen editor mode, screens can be customized or built from scratch.

Software Development Kit (SDK) for even more interfacing and editing options. The SDK provides you with tools for custom programming within BioTrace+ or for creating your own C++ program interfacing with the raw data of the NeXus. 


Overview of published articles with NeXus by Mind Media

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Neurofeedback as a Treatment for Impulsivity in a Forensic Psychiatric Population With Substance Use Disorder Fielenbach S, Donkers FCL, Spreen M, Bogaerts S 2017Neurofeedback JMIR Publications  
Does Feedback Design Matter? A Neurofeedback Study Comparing Immersive Virtual Reality and Traditional Training Screens in Elderly Kober SE, Schweiger D, Reichert JL, Neuper C, Wood G 2017Neurofeedback Clinical EEG and Neuroscience  
Neurofeedback as nonpharmalogical treatment for adults with Attention-defifit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Mayer K, Wyckoff SN, Fraligatter AJ 2015Neurofeedback Trials  
Neurofeedback facilitation of implicit motor learning Ros T, Munneke MAM, Parkinson LA, Gruzelier JH 2014Neurofeedback Biological Psychology  

Physiological data acquisition equipment

Mind Media offers the following equipment for physiological data acquisition and psychophysiological research

  • 21 channels of unipolar EEG with EEG Cap, up to 24 channels possible
  • 4 channels of bipolar EMG or EEG ECG, EOG
  • 4 channels of peripheral signals for pulse, respiration, skin conductance, temperature
  • NeXus Trigger Interface
  • Including starter kit for qEEG, neurofeedback and biofeedback
  • Data export (Compatible with NeuroGuide)
  • ERP
NeXus-10 MKII
  • 1-4 channels of bipolar EEG or EMG. Combination EEG and EMG is also possible
  • 4 channels of peripheral signals for pulse, respiration, skin conductance, temperature
  • Including starter kit for biofeedback and neurofeedback
  • NeXus Trigger Interface
  • Entry-level solution for biofeedback and neurofeedback incl. starter kit
  • Up to 2 channels EEG or sEMG
  • 2 channels for signals like pulse, respiration, skin conductance or temperature
  • Reliable high quality signals and wireless data transfer
  • Comes with easy to use software

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