sEMG Muscle Rehab

Electromyography (EMG) is the electro-physiological measure of a muscle, which has a direct relationship with strength at which a muscle is tensed. Mostly we speak of sEMG, referring to the measurement of superficial muscles. EMG biofeedback, also called myofeedback, can be used for clients with excessive or inappropriate (chronic) muscle tension. Muscles can respond to various stimuli, for instance emotions, bodily sensations or thoughts. It is also used to gain insight and even train the increase or decrease if muscle tension in different muscle groups during movement.  

High stress levels can lead to clenched jaw, furrowed brows, raised and tense shoulders and/or clenched fists. Most often the upper trapezius or the frontalis are targeted. The training focuses on enhancing recognition of both triggers and increased tension.

Muscles (EMG)
Measure EMG

How is it measured?

Our biofeedback equipment can measure up to 4 channels of EMG simultaneously. It is recommended to combine EMG measurement with several other parameters like heart rate, respiration, skin conductance and temperature, to get a full view of how one responds during assessments or training.  

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