Paste & Gel

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    Nuprep is an abrasive gel to prepare the skin before an EEG measurement. Rub it into the skin lightly (e.g. with a cue tip), after which you can clean any excess gel with clean gauze pad. You can then apply an electrode using Ten20.


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    Ten20 is an electrode paste that is used both as adhesive and as conducting paste for EEG measurements. Before using this paste, we recommend using Nuprep as an abrasive skin preparation gel.


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    Electrogel is used as a conducting gel for EEG caps or EEG electrodes. Each mount of a cap can be filled with gel using a blunt needle and syringe. Rock and rotate the syringe to lower the impedance.


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    Ivory is used as a detergent for cleaning EEG caps or electrodes.


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    Syringes & Blunt Needles

    A syringe and blunt needle are used to apply Electrogel in to the EEG cap or electrodes. While applying the gel into the EEG cap, rock ad rotate the syringe to lower impedance/electrode offset values.


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