EEG Electrodes

  • Overview

    EEG Discs

    The EEG Discs are compatible with a snap-on connection from the ExG Sensor. Must be used in combination with conducting gel. Can be used several times.


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    EEG Minicap Electrodes

    Sintered electrodes developed for the Minicap or Microcap. Can only be used in combination with a ExG Sensor with a TP connection. The electrodes can be used hundreds of times.

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    EEG Ring Electrodes

    The sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes are re-usable and use a touch proof (TP) connection. The disposable or re-usable ring-electrodes. For single use, preparation usually consists of using conducting paste.

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    EEG HeadSet Electrodes

    Easy snap-on semi-dry Ag/AgCl electrodes. Designed for the EEG HeadSet.

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