SCP Sensor

  • Overview

    The SCP Sensor has been especially designed for measuring Slow Cortical Potentials, which are signals in the lower range of the EEG spectrum (below 1 Hz). The SCP Sensor uses touch proof (TP) connectors for use with sintered  Ag/AgCl electrodes. NeXus sensors are supplied with shielded cables and brushed aluminum medical grade ODU connectors. This reduces noise and artifacts through movement. Measuring electrophysiological signals always requires a ground. 

    The SCP Sensor for NeXus offers:

    • SCP
    • Snap-on or DIN touch proof leads for various types of electrodes
    • Shielded cables for a minimum of noise and movement-artifacts


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  • Info

    The SCP Sensor uses three touch proof connections.

    The red electrode is placed on Cz and both black electrodes are placed on the ears. It is recommend to use sintered electrodes.

  • Specifications


    UnitµV pk-pk

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