Zukor Feedback Games

Use Zukor's feedback games and the Zukor Media Player to extend the feedback options with NeXus and BioTrace+ by Mind Media. These add-ons increase engagement, are loaded with features and are easy-to-use. All Zukor feedback games can be used with a set of specially designed BioTrace+ screens for a wide range of neurofeedback and biofeedback applications. The following feedback games are available for BioTrace+ Software:





A flying themed feedback game featuring high-quality aircraft, animals and fantasy creatures.

  • Simple, central focus game
  • Highly customizable & options galore
  • Works with all modalities of biofeedback and neurofeedback
  • Intuitive and highly responsive gameplay logic

Watch Zukor's Air!


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10 fun feedback games, based upon the simple, classic games featured at carnivals, state fairs and amusement parks.

  • 10 high-quality games in one
  • For all types of biofeedback and neurofeedback training
  • Simple, dynamic gameplay
  • Stunning graphics with subtle game sounds

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Relaxed-focus driving game with 15 cool vehicles on 5 high-quality tracks. Peaks Performance Upgrade also available for greater intensity and variety.

  • Solo or dual drive modes, plus an unique doppelgänger option
  • Simple, dynamic gameplay
  • Includes profiles, scores, auditory feedback, period/session length presets and more
  • Engage those undergoing peak performance training


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10 feedback games based on popular team sports. Simple gameplay action focused on “accuracy” with a central visual focus.

  • 10 sports games in one including baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer
  • Includes optional point-based unlocking
  • Active game for biofeedback and neurofeedback training
  • Simple gameplay action

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Zukor Media Player


Provides the ultimate choice, flexibility and features for using all types of media for patient feedback training.

  • Video, audio and images in all popular file formats, as well as DVDs and CDs
  • YouTube support optional
  • More than 20 types of high-quality feedback, from simple play / pause, pixelation, volume and zoom out to visually sophisticated effects such as bubbles, double vision, snow and whirl
  • Use 1 to 16 events to control the same number of visual effects or audio feedback sounds


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