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  • Overview

    Easy to use software

    BioTrace+ is the ultimate platform for biofeedback, neurofeedback, qEEG and physiological research. The software provides a user-friendly interface to manage training and store client data. Easily navigate through the wide collection of training screens like a browser. Individualizing training has become easier by changing settings according to your client's needs.

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    BioTrace+ Software offers a complete solution, supporting a wide range of applications for biofeedback, neurofeedback, qEEG and physiological research.

    • Infinite training applications available
    • Versatile audio-visual feedback options
    • Dual monitor approach for optimal training setup
    • Personalize feedback screens or build own training protocols
    • In-screen help for the right setup and signal check
    • Powerful analysis and reporting tools
    • Advanced feedback controls for individualized training
    • Artifact control for clean data
    • Mark important events in the data
    • Client database for storing data and information
    • Inter and intra session evaluation reports
    • Export and import of several data formats
    • All-in-one package with free updates

    Extensive controls for biofeedback and neurofeedback

    BioTrace+ offers extensive controls for biofeedback and neurofeedback. Multiple threshold options can easily be changed. Set a manual threshold, automatic threshold or disable it. Train up and down. Show or hide graphs on a client monitor. Or set a respiration pacer. With session controls you can add markers, open training screens, control sessions or go to session overview to show and analyze recorded data.

    Versatile feedback options

    All options are readily available allowing for maximum control. Quickly switch between different types of multimedia feedback like animations, videos, puzzles, games, or audio.

    • Graph
    • Video
    • Puzzle
    • Animation
    • Game
    • Disc
    • Audio
    • Water ripple
    • Clock
    • Zoomer
    • Mandala
    • Protocol

    Dual monitor setup

    BioTrace+ uses a true dual monitor setup for using therapist and client screens on two different monitors. The best training can be provided by using a dual monitor setup. Use a second monitor to show specific images, videos, etc in your experiments.

    True dual monitor setup
    Dynamic frequency bands for neurofeedback

    Dynamic EEG frequency band values

    Switch between EEG frequency bands during a neurofeedback session. These dynamic EEG frequency values offer a high level of freedom for every type of training. High customization is possible to best suit the client's needs. Set custom frequency bands for training specific EEG bands.

    Extended analysis and reporting

    Create powerful analysis and reports or quickly compute statistics. Our algorithms are set for fast feedback, precise assessments and analysis. BioTrace+ support various export formats compatible with programs, such as Excel, Matlab or a variety of qEEG databases for further analysis.

    Stress profile
    Screen Editor

    Powerful editing tools

    BioTrace+ offers tools for developers so it is also possible to build your very own training setup, protocol or script. Use the Screen Editor for changing screens to your own needs or build a screen from scratch.

  • Add-ons

    Feedback games by Zukor Interactive

    Integrated feedback games available for BioTrace+. Developed by Zukor Interactive.


    Challenging driving game with 15 diverse vehicles on 5 high-quality tracks.


    10 popular sports games. It uses simple gameplay action with an “accuracy” gameplay dynamic and a central visual focus.



    A flying themed feedback game featuring high-quality aircraft, animals and fantasy creatures.



    10 games, based upon the simple, classic games featured in carnivals, state fairs and amusement park.

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    Media Player by Zukor Interactive

    Integrated media player available for BioTrace+. Developed by Zukor Interactive.

    Zukor Air

    Media Player

    Provides the ultimate choice, flexibility and features for using all types of media for patient feedback training.


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    Z-score is a tool to compare the results of a neurofeedback session with standardized results, stored in a database. This results in a simplified and standardized way of performing neurofeedback. This training and assessment tool has been developed by Applied Neuroscience Inc.


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    Only available for NeXus-32. NeuroGuide is the most informative and comprehensive conventional EEG and QEEG analysis system available.


    NeuroGuide Basic/Deluxe



    NeuroGuide Add-ons






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  • Specifications


    System requirements...
    System requirements
    MandatoryWindows® 10; Windows 8.1 Professional, Windows 7 Professional. Use Boot Camp for Mac OS X.
    Intel i3/ i5/ i7 series processor
    4 GB of RAM memory or more
    Graphics card with 256 MB memory or more
    HD+ (1600 x 900) or Full HD (1920 x 1080) screen resolution
    USB 2.0 port
    Bluetooth 2.0 *
    AdditionalSecondary monitor for optimal use of dual screen mode (HD+ or Full HD)
    Broadband internet connection for software updates and access to online services

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