EEG HeadSet

  • Overview

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    The NeXus EEG HeadSet provides a quick and easy solution for 1 or 2 channel EEG neurofeedback training.  The training can start almost immediately, no skin preparation or gels are required. These special Ag/AgCl semi-dry electrodes makes the use of gels and conductive pastes redundant. The headset has been developed in cooperation with a consortium of international partners, as well as various experts in the field. It is the result of three years of research and development within a project, funded by the European Union.

    The EEG HeadSet for NeXus offers:

    • 1-2 channels of EEG + 2 references + ground
    • Highly adjustable and quick to apply
    • Easy snap-on semi-dry Ag/AgCl electrodes
    • Shielded cables for a minimum of noise and movement-artifacts
  • Info

    EEG HeadSet

    Hydrate the electrodes you will be using and snap the electrodes into the snapons of the EEG Headset. Pivot the headband and neckband so they are slightly over perpendicular to each other.

  • Specifications


    Dimensions229 mm x 197 mm x 44 mm (L x W x H) in flat position
    Weight140 – 168 mm (Diameter)
    Dimensions13 mm x 20 mm (D x H) in flat position
    Weight2 g

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