BioTrace+ V2018A is the latest release of the software platform for NeXus by Mind Media. See What's new | V2018A for a full overview. 

Download the Update if you wish to update your current version of BioTrace+. Note that an update overwrites default content. Make sure to back up changed default content like screens and channel sets before installation. Updates are free of charge! Download the Full for installing a new version of the BioTrace+.

Perform the following steps to install an Update or Full version:

1. Download an update by right clicking the link and selecting Save target as. Make sure to select to correct system and language!
2. Choose a location for saving the .exe file.
3. Run the .exe file. Close BioTrace+ before starting the update installation!

Always check the BioTrace+ system requirements and the BioTrace+ User Manual before installing updates. Registration is required to activate the software.




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