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Technology for insights in body and brain

We develop technology for measuring and training psychophysiology, taking a closer look at body-mind interface.  This is called biofeedback. We believe that people can learn to enhance their health with the help of smart technology.

That is what drives us to develop innovative solutions for training physiological processes of the body and brain.

Ever since it’s foundation in 1992, Mind Media has been a pioneer in developing versatile and integrated technology for applications in the fields of psychology, occupational health, physiotherapy, psychiatry, medicine or coaching.

Enhancing health and performance

The basic idea of biofeedback is to provide individuals with increased information about the body and mind interface. Physiological effects are shown through immediate feedback. By observing these physiological signals visualized in numerous ways, one can experience the effects of different thoughts, feelings and sensations. Awareness is the first step towards change.

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